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Mettaton and Willow by DreadloxO3O
Mettaton and Willow
Willow isnt an OC, just an awesome person I encounter on Omegle...shes funny and dumb...I can dig it
Mettaton Ex by DreadloxO3O
Mettaton Ex
Here is my Bae...there are many like it but he us mine...

All Credit to Toby Fox please support Undertale...
Ermes Costello by DreadloxO3O
Ermes Costello
My top favorite Jojo god so great!

Credit goes to Hirohiko Araki, and David Productions
It all began with a drug dealer named Ramon he was a man born in Peru, raised as a farm boy then moved to Mexico. He and his brother made it in to America for work but his brother died of illness. He was taken in by a drug organization exporting cocaine, and was chosen to be in literally because Ramon was born with red hair. He wasn't a bad person. Oh no no, he was a fair man he made sure everyone got a fair cuts but enough as well not to effect business. He one day found a woman, who was a regular customer but she was dying yet still trying to get her fix. Till all of a sudden Ramon refused, at the same time the woman's child came to take her away. He also so happened to be a police officer. Ramon, was arrested on the spot but he's experienced with situations like this. So he let himself get caught, he then got within' the police facility. Choked out a man, and took his uniform, and keys. He got out, ironically the the mafia in which Ramon worked for came to bale him out in a violent manner. The mafia did not recognize who he was, so they open fire at him. Ramon immediately, ran to the nearest car. More officers started coming out, till an officer was next to Ramon, and passed him a gun, and said "Hurry, and take as many out as you can!" Ramon was irritated but, all well he just rolls with the punches. He had immediately opened fire on a couple of members. He isn't the worst shot around, as taught in the mafia, you gotta know how to use a gun. Ramon wasn't at the top of anything, he's just good yet what he could do was in regards of stealth and hand to hand combat. He shoots in one area, and has  shot two people away from anywhere vital. He goes off to the side, and hides behind another of care. A police officer looks from the distances, as he notices some have been missing. Ramon crawls behind them. puts a gun to their head, covers their mouth. He whispers, "Move, and I'll blow the fuck out of your head. Just go down." the man began to struggle. Ramon immediately drop the gun, and choke held the man and dropped. Luckily there is gun fire so attention would be hard to notice. He punched him hard enough to put him unconsious while on the ground. He goes tot he next man, and choke holds him then knocks him out. He goes back, and hides behind a car he hid before. An officer noticed how some were missing, and how Ramon came back. He, and the others tended to be a bit more confident on their numbers. Ramon took a breather, and got an idea to make this end quickly, and escape back to the hide out. He got in a care, and hot wired it  and floored the gas pedal and drove around the fight but with a couple of bullet wounds in him because he's not a ninja or anything like that. If you drive through a gun fight you're bound to get shot. Ramon circled around till he could get enough speed. the rode had a turn in which you can turn around and go straight into the aciton conviently. So he drove in which he could go at least 70mph, and jumps out the car right into the action. It hit another car, and caused an explosion. He got up, and ran not looking behind him. He was scared of fire, it was just natural to him not to look back and to run. He thought immediately back to the factory in which the Organization was at. They knew what he did, they knew that he fought with the policia, and against the mafia but also against the policia. He was beaten, and was sent to be executed the next day. Ramon, sighed and he could not get free. He was chained, for they know what he knows in regards of escape. So came the day of his death, he was chained against a pole and lifted by a crane. The factory workers had brass knuckles, bats, and pipes. They were each to give him a strong hit, so 4 hours of beatings, rib breaking, leg busting, brain crushing pain. He was breathing...weakly, the president of this organization came to be, and said on to him "You have commited a crime against my, and your family. Come on, that's just not right... *he punches him the stomach*...We gave you shelter, food, and treated you as our brethren. Yet you'd hurt us? Do you really have faith in us? ...I guess n-" Ramon gritted his teeth, and spat at him "I'm more family than your worthless, and closed self. haven't noticed...I...didn't kill anyone..., and I gave them a chance to sto-" The President immediately shot him in the head. Like that, his life cut short...a couple days pass and a body bag was bought to the morgue. They unzipped the bag, and the remains were vulgar. 3 men were assigned to fixed up the body, and they went to get out all of the blood clogged up, and and fix up the rib cage. The three men stopped, and were in shock...there was a weak heart beat, but still it was made. "He is alive! GET HIM TO A HOSPITAL FAST!", Ramon was sent to the hospital, and for two years of srugery and rehabilitation. He came back, but not the same. His eyes filled with once life, now were darkened and seeked revenge. He then trained himself for the next year alone, in the desert. Alone, in the scorching heat of the day, and the cold ice of night. He trained extremely, wrestling cactus, lifting rocks, and kept injecting himself with snake poisons, his mind was lost in anger and revenge. He had gained the body, he needed to carry out his revenge. So he went back to the land in which he was died. He stops by a local Chinese store, and eats there with the remaining comfort he had. The clerk was but an old woman, and came to him. He had given him tea, Ramon refused at first but she insisted. Ramon drank it quick to get back to his meal, and immediately fell asleep. He woke up in a freezer with the old woman in it as well. She was drinking tea, waiting for him to awake. "Oh, you're awake are you Crimson Boy?" she said. Ramon immediately, got up in a fit, and went to punch the woman. She used the tea up to guard herself. Ramon was shocked, the punch was at full force how could he not break through a simple tea cup? "You're mind isn't clear. You've been training yourself in hate, it is good to let the rage be the start of your power but do not let it dominate or be your end product." She got down, and gave him a book. "Read this, and stay in here till you get it." It was a children's book. "You're a farmer's child I can tell. So you'll get it in." She left out the freezer, and locked it. Ramon dropped the book, and went to go open it the freezer but he couldn't. Ramon sat there, and waited for a couple of hours. He was getting even more mad, he kept banging at the door and shouting words in Spanish. It's been a day now, and so far nothing has happened. A slot in the freezer opened rapidly, and so Ramon was shocked and went to see what came out. It was a tray of tea, and bread with a note. "Stop being dumb, and read the book." in response to this "Fuck yourself you old bag of---" and so on...a day, and a half went by and Ramon decided top pick up the book, it was a small boy. He and his father lived together on a farm. They got together, and everyday in hope to their crops would grow. They both prayed each and everyday, and so the father was impatient. He sang a song, that he'd want to make the plants grow faster. As time went by they started dying, and the son noticed. He told his father, you must be patient, and show love to everything. Thus how you taught me, and how I grow. The boy prayed, and sang songs of joy and life. When it rained the boy would dance, and the father would stomp. As time went by the two had a side. A side of impatience, and a side of patience. The crops had died, and wailed the father was depressed and wondered to why his hopes of the crops growing didn't work. He went to his little boy, and informed him. The boy was no where to be found, and in his place was huge stalks, the father went to the center of the feilding finding his son with tears of joy. The father sat down, and cried with his son in tear of sadness. The boy huge his father, and told him "The first step to smile, pray, and dance." Ramon, dropped the book. He then sat down, and prayed with tears in his eyes. The old woman came back, and sat with him and prayed with him. "I will help you through this, we need to the safety in this town again. I believe you Crimson Boy, can do it. Will you Smile, Pray, and Dance with me." "Yes." He drank the tea. It was summer, and hotter than usual. A man was sliding down the side of as hill there at the bottom was a woman shouting. "Hurry, it's almost time to eat!" Ramon, slid down the hill with wearing a sweat pants, and sandals. He jumps off the hill onto a cactus, and jumped infront of her. He laughed, and walked with her back to the shop. The old woman was not happy, if anything grieving, "We lost another friend, the baker down the street was 'made an example of' earlier today, and the promised day is almost amongst us. You're training is almost complete but we need you ready to head out to the warehouse tonight." Ramon nodded, "Alright, just tell me what to do."
"Will you be okay, with it though?"
"You've trained me to love as much as I hate, hate is the weapon, and you are the wielder. If done in a sense of justice, the punishment will be equally justified upon me."
"You're definitely ready..., I believe you'll come back."
"Hehe yeah." *he rubs the back of his head* "I still have the training they once gave me, but now with this gift of life...I will use it to restore what was once whole again."
"Yes, now're talking too much."
" . _ .) Okay...okay.."
and so he went off the Warehouse to which was once his grave. He's on the outside, and at the wall there were thugs with guns like USP's (Pistol.). He climbs up a pipe against the wall, and climbs on the roof ledge. He looks down at the group, and goes in his pockets. There is a small pellet, and throws it down. A gas burst, causing them to hack and wheeze. They start shooting around, and as the smoke cleared. They shot at each other, a majority were injured badly and some dead. Ramon gets down, and landed one of them, as well as rolledto make sure the impact was bad. A man shot at Ramon, Ramon cart wheels out of the way, and jumps at him grabbing his shoulders first then landing on his feet and slams the man on the ground, and takes his gun. Luckily there was a little bit of smoke left, so he lowered himself, and ran into it. 5 men remained, and were aiming  around the remaining smoke. One of them had a flashlight and lit the area, and found a reflection. He and the other 4 men shot in the area, and smoke cleared. They had shot at their own man, while he was down. Immediately one of them men was gone, the men get paranoid. They started vanishing one after one, as soon as the smoked cleared they were on the ground beaten., and Ramon was wiping his hand. He took down down everyone in the area, now to go to the door, and knocks. He immediately runns back to the roof. He then climbs on a window pane, and got down a couple more to the door, the door was opened, and Ramon climbed in above a man who was looking outside. He grabbed at a pole, and went from a couple pipes to the vents, and through the vents he shot the fans, to make the it start getting quiet. He then goes out, and recalls that there is a generator in the basement. He went to the basement through the vents, and had found the generator. Yet a large mechanic with a gun, and toolbox near him was there working on it, he accidentally went on the ground thinking there was no one there. They make eye contact, and without moments hesitation Ramon sprung to his head with hsi elbow. He smashes his nose in, and flew in a series of punches, till the man went down. He began to smash at the generator, and everything went dark. There was emergency lights on, and Ramon heard footsteps, and hurried back to the vents. He was too late some people came inside. So he hid behind a shelf, and kicked it, and a few of them were crushed by it. The remaining men got ther head smacked into the ground by two hands. He runs upstairs, and kicks the door down. He heads upstairs, there were men running up and down it, so he went on the outside rim of it, and climbed up.

*I'll continue later...Sorry*
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.:PainXSilver:. by AsktheGirls

I would have to say in my opinion the appearance was nearly how I had expected it to be, but out of my mistake I did not mention or pro...


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Sanyu Dinosaurs

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Powers: I have a Katana, name Davidari. but now that mastered homo....He can turn into a Scythe. and now I have the Title of "Guardian of the Nighshade" epicness! and I have gained my Lunar wings

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Background: He was a small boy when he ran away from home, with his Grandma Numa; Coming over to Earth he start as a baby, and was adopted by a Ex Russian Extreme General who trained Silver in harsh manors in very cold climates from age 3 to 12, and soon had thoughts for world domination, btu time passes, and he has experienced living independently, and now hes a Good guy O 3 O…

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