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Mettaton Ex by DreadloxO3O
Mettaton Ex
Im still in my mettaton phase. Keep its real darlings~

Credit to Toby Fox
I draw a woman by DreadloxO3O
I draw a woman
She is lady. I use my face for ref. I ate mac n cheese...and Im still quite hungry.

The head is big...
I walked down to the subway station, the area smelled vile like if urine, vomit, and mold decided to call it mating season. There was dried blood on the walls, a couple homeless people, a musician duo consisting of Saxophone, and drums. It was a jazzy calypso mix, and I really liked it. I had stopped by the two, and gave them money only to find out that they were actually playing separate so I had decided to leave. I went down to hall passing a lot of people, and honestly I feel as though this is the most uncomfortable part about the underground part of subway stations. Just bumping or rubbing into people from time to time, It makes me feel as though I might catch a sickness or negative emotion from them though that sound absurd when I think about that more, but that's just the feel I have so I guess it's natural. She was waiting for me..., oh yeah! She being my girlfriend, she was a smart grad student, and probably one of the most beautiful women I've ever had encountered. She was waiting for me, and sadly I was late. She said, "Meet me at the subway stations at 1 o'clock, I got a surprise for you." It's almost 1:30, and mostly from traffic and my tendencies to get distracted I'm so damn late. I chuckled to myself to the thought, and I kind of got strange looks from people because of my random chuckle. I immediately change my face, and look more calmed yet alert since I am in a hurry. I thought to myself a bit too long, and fell down the stairs a bit of the way luckily my girlfriend saw me looking like a dork with a grin on her face. That's not a good thing, her grinning was but a meaning of evil. She was patient but annoyed that I was late, and I know she's gonna hold it against me the next time we go out. Anywho, I brush myself off, and ran to her. I smiled at her nervously, and had said, "Oh! Hey!...fancy seeing you here-"

"You're late jerk" She cut me off with still a grin on her face, then it changed to a regular smile. "It's okay, I don't expect much from you..." She said happily

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean Renae..." I pouted but smiled jokingly. Ranae grabbed my hand and look at me, then looking at the clock. Our train still had some time to go since I was late causing the previous train to go. Renae didn't wanna sit any where so she wouldn't catch any bad smells, though I doubt she will because she has a strong scent of tropical fruits. She works in a fruit smoothie place, and works with the gardening as well so you know that the fruit is really natural stuff. The thought of the surprise occurred to me so I wanted to ask her what it was...something compelled me not to cause she'd probably just say it up front to ruin my fun. I wouldn't be surprised since I was the one who was late. I went in my pockets and grabbed my phone just to check the time again, and thankfully it was time to get on the train. The train was gonna come in a few minutes, I soon felt a tad shake, and a man just bumped into Ranae by accident. Yet then, the bump turned into a grab with a scream with it. Ranae's hands come off from my own. The man starts to move to the tracks, and many people panic and ran away. I was in a paralysis, and I wasn't sure what to do...that is when I hear a scream from Ranae herself. I was still in fear, and I know by nature I did not want to move at all. Yet I started to feel hot, the love of my life is about to thrown on the tracks to the train and killed. I was able to pick up that much, and my body started to move. There was a bit of distance but enough for me to start to immediately sprint, I charged at the man. He turned to me, and pulled out a gun which was aimed to me. I noticed his eyes were red, and strangely filled with tears. He shouted, "Get away from me! I have to do t-" I had then threw myself at him, he then let go of Ranae yet strangely also his gun. He let me make contact with him, and push him onto the tracks. Ranae fell to the edge and on her side so not being able to see what is about to be the last second of this man's life. I pushed him onto the tracks with myself included, then everything went dark...I hear a horn...
What a Bizarre turn of Events
Just a story I thought up. I like how it turned out.
Ronald the Turtle with Sexy Legs by DreadloxO3O
Ronald the Turtle with Sexy Legs
This is actually based on a character I use on omegle to hide my face and voice in. Ronald is actually a tortoise but for the sake of this piece he's a turtle.
Time passes, and my art style changes..., so I will do a limited amount of request all I ask in return is that they aren't like risque or gory, that's not my thing. They will be mostly sketches because I suck with digital media but, I can make it basic digital media crap. 

If you can tell the tone of this journal is meh...

If you want a Christmas Themed Request, I will offer an Art Trade...

Alright, that's it...I'm gonna go poo...*walks out the door*
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.:PainXSilver:. by AsktheGirls

I would have to say in my opinion the appearance was nearly how I had expected it to be, but out of my mistake I did not mention or pro...


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I'm a jerk, who insults his friends because he can't tell anyone "I love you" in a genuine fashion. I am arrogant, sarcastic, funny, and a guy to talk about videogames and anime

anime is shit

manga is better

my waifu is trash...your waifu is trash...lets be friends

I like can convince me to do a lot of things for food.

I am black

I believe that everyone is an idiot but me

if you dont have shit taste, then you're okay in my book

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