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Lepid by DreadloxO3O
Oh look at my. butterfly Cutiepie lol

thats a butterfly humanoid which has not sex nor gender but looks like a girl but referred as he.
Long tan and handsome by DreadloxO3O
Long tan and handsome
I was drawing at an angle wit actually kind of screwed up the head.... But other than that, I'm okay with this
Gyro Zeppeli by DreadloxO3O
Gyro Zeppeli
Credit to Hirohiko Araki

I love this guy so much 
It is the concept of Reincarnation, and etc. )'s 2016, and we're at a nuclear war. 6 friends live there final days in a feild looking at what once was their beautiful city, they look at each other. They talked to each other about the past, and spoke their hearts out which felt like they were isolated in one world...their own. One of the friends said, I know this is the last time I see you... in this life but doesn't mean a new chapter won't start..., I can't wait to see you all there. He shot himself in the field, tears and much despair came amongst them. They grieved long enough and spoke from the heart one at a time, and ended their life with one bullet at a time...until there was only one left. The person looked around, at row of corpses...each with an expression of their own bliss. Interesting..., they all had different faces. The person sat by them watching the golden burning light... it was beautiful and warm. The person looked at their friend with smile, would have loved this...Warm things are your specialty no? The person looked back with streams on their face with a blank expression "I can't wait to see you all, again". Everything faded to white...

    A darkness surrounds the mind,and heavy breathing with sounds of pants and screams. A slip, and loud thump was heard. Eyes opened, with a strong light within the area (blinding one might say), as everything clears I look down to at my self able to see my arms, hands, and legs but I was starting to panic for a second because I wasn't able to see my stomach...only did I realize I forgotten I had breasts. I felt quite silly, and immediately a door open with a man with a scruffy beard, glass, and blue button shirt with khaki pants come in the room. He had a scared look on his face, and had a voice that contradicted his appearance. It was soft, and calm but his distressed look made you sense that he was distressed. He looked at me, and said "What in the blazing bortle boos are you doing Laura!?" I looked at him confused, "Laura..." I don't remember being called Laura. then suddenly something flashed into my head as though I was looking at a movie fast forwarding. I remembered who I am, my name is Janette "Jane" Lynette Graham I am a person who does person things. I know that was a weird introduction but I just got back from thinking about who I just was, and that takes a lot of brain power so get off my ass, okay? Anywho, I looked at the middle-aged man who i figured out was my father. Hes been looking at me with a weird expression on his face, and I forgot why so I had told him, "I don't know why you look so upset but I'm you can...uh...leave Dad." He pouted, and gave me that expression that reads "Are you kidding me?", and closed the door. I went to smell myself, and man did I smell bad. I was sweating all night from that dream. I didn't realize it but when I went to feel my face, I was tearing and still tearing till I got into the shower. I sang a little song to myself..., It was a dumb song that went like this;
"I once found a dirty nickel
its emblem was a hammer and sickle
t'was coated in foreign rum
must had been some commie scum
so bomb away
bomb away, bomb away
the end became today."

It was based off a legend that the world was apparently at war, and a majority of Terranius was gone. Again, that was a legend so I have nothing to do with that knowledge. I dry off putting on my clothes, and looking out the's snowing, and it's greyish blue out today again. It's been like that for a while now that I notice but it hasn't been a big deal really. I got get my school bag, scarf and hat then left without saying goodbye to dad or eating breakfast. So instead I went over my friends house Nathan, he was in his house with Mother, and little sister eating breakfast. I just walked in casually because this happens on a regular basis, and I sit next to Nathan. I look over to Nathan's Mother, Ms. Crawchick asking what is she making for breakfast. Ms. Crawchick said, "Food that you're gonna eat..." she smiled and stuck her tongue at me while with that smug smartass look on her face. I loved her a lot of that, and man... did i wish she was my mother too. Nathan looked over at me, and donked my head with a spoon. It hurt, so I looked at him saying "You buttface! That actually kind of hurt!" I was rubbing my head. Nathan looked at me with his usual look which tended to be a kind of rested bitch face but with a slight smile. He also had like a weird Atlantic/New Yorkian accent, "Well, I mean if you're gonna spend your time starring at my mom instead of waiting patiently for food, then I guess you shouldn't be here." He had his mother's smirk on his face. Man, did I love him for that... what? can't a girl like people for being such smugged jerks.
(End part one)
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.:PainXSilver:. by AsktheGirls

I would have to say in my opinion the appearance was nearly how I had expected it to be, but out of my mistake I did not mention or pro...


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United States
Sanyu Dinosaurs

Sex: M
Age: 16
Nationaility: I'm black :D
Sexuality: (Questionable at time xD) Straight-Married AskAquaPrincess-AT
Species: Neko
Powers: I have a Katana, name Davidari. but now that mastered homo....He can turn into a Scythe. and now I have the Title of "Guardian of the Nighshade" epicness! and I have gained my Lunar wings

Silver Musterstien
Age: 20
Sex: M
Sexuality: Straight-Married: Princess Pain
Species: Demon,Human, and Sunshade
Nationality: White (Russian, Obinoxian Royal Blood)
Personality: Strange, Fun, Strong, Strong willed, and etc...
Background: He was a small boy when he ran away from home, with his Grandma Numa; Coming over to Earth he start as a baby, and was adopted by a Ex Russian Extreme General who trained Silver in harsh manors in very cold climates from age 3 to 12, and soon had thoughts for world domination, btu time passes, and he has experienced living independently, and now hes a Good guy O 3 O…

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